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General meetings Tuesdays at 9:00 am US Pacific (17:00 UTC during US winter)

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  • April 7, 2017
We've moved over to Dropbox Paper. Come join us! 
  • Friday, March 31, 2017
270 days ago
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    - Hub model: Server side document? What to do if the users are all in different docker containers?
Farica C  * Collaboration chat room
    - Channels similar to Slack on right side panel with a link to invite
    - Chat rooms not based on file open, but rather who is invited
    - Commenting on individual code cells? 
 * Sharing documents
    - Button on top right navigation menu of individual document
    - Shows total number of collaboraters on button
    - Click on button and tab shows contributor names, permissions, and link all consolidated together
  * Multiple users editing one code cell
    - Don't want to lock individual code cells because of possibility of really long code input that multiple people want to work on
    - What if someone is still writing code and another individual runs the code?
    - Consider having command-shift make a request to run the code but that could get annoying to have to run on every cell // It may be better to have the request-to-run-code be indicated visually in some way, but not block other users.
Ian R
  •  This is great! Most of the left-hand-side is a workflow that already exists in the jupyterlab_google_drive plugin. The right-hand-side would all need to be done.
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Tuesday, February 6-28, 2017
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Matthias B
  • Tuesday January 31, 2017
JamieW For this week's notes see our etherpad: 
  • Tuesday January 17, 2017
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Min R
  •  I think I know how to do it, but I'll wait for a lower traffic time (next week) to do it, in case of trouble.
Min R
  •  upgraded to 0.11.2.
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  • Annual Sloan report
  • Data Carpentry Reproducible Research Curriculum Hackathon planning
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Parking on campus can be no big deal or a total pain depending on what's going on that day. In the hopes it won't be too bad we will be providing a Jupyter group pin code (see details below) that you can use at the electronic parking kiosks on campus. These passes will allow you to park in sponsored guest, staff, and general parking spots. Note these will be daily permits. Parking is enforced on campus from early morning to 10pm at night so be sure to avoid the tickets which are handed out liberally! 
Ana R How do I park on campus?
To secure parking go to any pay station machine on campus (except Poly Canyon Village). 
Step 1 Press any button to “wake” the pay station. Find Map here: I recommend parking at either 130 or 36
Step 2 Select Sponsored Guest
Step 3 Enter Coupon Code: 69510
Step 4 Select OK
Step 5 Wait for validation and coupon will print. Place in a visible location in the dash of your vehicle. 
Sponsored Guest Permits are not valid in Meters or Limited Time Zones. Permits are not for use by Cal Poly Faculty, Staff or Students. Use this only as needed, this will result in a direct bill of  $4 to Jupyter and will be complimentary to you.
Should I get rent a car? 
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