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Grant Nestor

292 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Grant Nestor 292 days ago
Matthias B
  • Tuesday January 31, 2017
JamieW For this week's notes see our etherpad: 
  • Tuesday January 17, 2017
334 days ago
General meetings Tuesdays at 9:00 am US Pacific (17:00 UTC during US winter)
Matthias B Reminder to try to make full sentences with all the informations you want to give, otherwise it is a daunting task to try to make a written summary on the mailing list. If writing the summary take more than 30min I won't send it. 
Project management (Jamie)
  • Brian has submitted materials to a trademark lawyer to pursue initial US based word and logo mark registration.
Matthias B
  • is it ok for this to be public ?
Brian G
  • I think in this context it is fine
  • Brian is working with Fernando on creating a process for writing Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) articles for our different repos.
Min R
  •  yay!
Matthias B
  • Brian submitted a PeerJ journal for SymPy and liked the process. 
  • Dev Meeting Follow-up - break out group
  • Finding a tool to help manage the work
  • GitHub
  • Creating a Project Management folder on GitHub
  • Aha!
  • Nice UI with useful tools for tracking sub-projects
  • Problematic in that Aha! needs to be the system of record for all inputs (ie things go into Aha before they go into GitHub) - pretty much a deal-breaker, moving on. 
  • Tech writer recruiting - today is the last day to submit leads
  • Scheduling important events
  • JupyterLab - “Silent” alpha in January, Beta in mid- to late-February. 1.0 in June/July 2017
  • Conferences
  • Team events - tutorials
  • Maintaining a solid overview of the project and its partners
  • Data Carpentry - Scheduled for Jan 9-11 @ BIDS
  • Island Avatar project - Overview of Jupyter for Island Avatar Software Dev. in January
  • Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - Some folks in January
  • Fiona Box with Aaron Culich
Outreach (Jamie)
  • PyLadies event last week at Bloomberg. Great event overall. Some lessons learned
Carol W
  • Thanks for raising this issue and clarifying for users.
Grant N
  • Grant: I will try to cut a 4.3.1 release by EOD tomorrow
Min R
  • Make a better announcement/blog post.                                                                      
Grant N
  • Investigating the cause
JupyterLab (Darian- :speak_no_evil: )
  • The JupyterLab team is estimating a beta release of JupyterLab for mid/late February
Brian G
  • We are starting to do a big triage pass to better understand what needs to be done for the beta
  • Grant Nestor has created a very nice cookiecutter for custom MIME rendering:
  • JupyterLab output
  • JupyterLab file viewers
  • Classic notebook (requires notebook 4.3)
Grant N
  • :emoji_1f64c: 
IPywidgets (Jason :speak_no_evil: )
JupyterHub (Min)
Min R
  • Working on compatibility fixes for DockerSpawner and 0.7
Carol W
  • Working on updating and testing jupyterhub-deploy-teaching
  • Updating travis to cover Python 3.6
  • Review and fix jupyterhub doc build failure
  • Summary for Matthias: The JupyterHub team is working on compatibility fixes for DockerSpawner and 0.7. We're updating and testing ansible scripts for jupyterhub-deploy-teaching. With the recent release of Python 3.6, we will be updating Travis configurations.
Matthias B
  • Thanks you are awesome !
Min R  nbdime (Min)
 - We made the first release of nbdime: 0.1.
Matthias B  - Lots of low hanging fruits ! Contributions welcome.
  • congrats ! What only 6 of your 8 clones are working ? 
nbviewer (Min)
 - Moved nbviewer to regular server off of carina, due to recent issues.
Carol W
  • Thanks. Seems better on new server.
Matthias B
  • Where is it now ? I missed that.
Michael P • also, widgets! :)
nbconvert (Mike)
• released 4.3 & 5.0 
• broke in memory templates and Thomas Kluyver made a quick fix (waiting on merge)
  • should have a 5.0.1 or 5.1 after that
• spent time trying to figure out why docs were breaking (there were at least 3 reasons) 
Matthias B GitHub Automation (Matthias) :speak_no_evil: 
  • I would appreciate not to have to talk, not feeling well. 
  • Taking shape, nothing worth to report. 
  • (Auto) Backport currently working.
  • Trying to work around some limitation of GitHub (beta) API waiting fixes on GitHub side.
  • Discussed things that automation could do yesterday. Need to write that up.
Michael P
  • Backports to branches
  • friendly autopep8 running into some problems with permissions
  • automatically writing issues 
Brian G Design (Brian)
  • Students making another pass on the brand guidelines to address feedback at the team meeting
  • Cameron, Farica and Charnpreet are working on a Jupyter Sphinx theme based based on the Alabaster theme. We looked at the RTD theme, but it is a nightmare to customize
  • In JupyterLab master we have moved to using SVG based icons
  • Allows us to use Material Design icons at any size without artifacts
  • Also makes is really easy to create custom icons (no mucking around with custom icon fonts).
362 days ago
Carol W
  • Huge +1, Thomas
Matthias B
  • laptop crazy slow with bluejeans, takes hours to click
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Project management
  • Opening for tech writer. RFP up shortly
  • Processing stuff from dev meeting
Notebook (thomas speaking)
  • 'View' and 'edit' buttons postponed to a later release while we put some security around viewing HTML files
Michael P • need to improve our header id assignments currently they're  (possibly should wait for 5.0 since it will break some existing notebooks) (see nbconvert as well) jupyter/notebook#1899 
  •  I think most of the pandoc approach makes sense,  but lower casing would break too much
Michael P
  • I mostly agree I just wanted to hear other people's opinions as well. Sadly, no one else responded. 
  • It's probably too much detail to get into in a general meeting. Drop a link to the issue just above so people who're interested can look into it in more detail?
  • Mike, is the link I've added the best one for people to look at?
Michael P
  • put in a different one for the notebook specifically. 
Ian R
  • Open PR for editing notebooks without a live kernel in JupyterLab (jupyterlab/jupyterlab#1277), trying to match the behavior of the classic notebook app.
Nbformat (Min Speaking)
  • Considering alternative ways to store signatures, making signature db pluggable jupyter/nbformat#61
  • json mime-handling ready for release of nbformat 4.2 (can wait for above signatures work or not): jupyter/nbformat#67
Peter P
qtconsole: 4.3 release imminent
  • [nick] more fumbling steps with docker stuff
Matthias B GitHub Automation (Matthias Speaking)
  • That could also be used to give more users ability to tag/close/assign without giving them commit rights, or do these actions by mail
Michael P
  • • had some progress on automatically extracting dependencies to a specific library and spitting out a nice GFM checkbox list including linking import statements to their github source 
Matthias B  Added the Mastering IPython 4.0 book on IPython.org (Matthias)
  • MinRK and Matthias, did a concurrent PRs with the same content :-)  Still working on the Book Policy to know what we accept or not. 
Pycon Talk Proposal (Mike going to speak for a change)
Carol W
  • Great. Happy to review before you submit. Also, it would be great to see a tutorial submission. 
  • We didn't think the Py3 stuff would work as a tutorial, but if the project wants to do something else as a tutorial, that would be great
Matthias B
  • Sorry Mike, you were the one with the most note and a much better speaker than I am.
Michael P
  • Disagree about better speaker. Am fine having spoke :). 
  • +1 on this being a bad topic for a tutorial
  • +1 on a tutorial being a great idea
Min RK
  • Getting ready to release JupyterHub 0.7. a little feedback from beta, will probably release soon.
  • Getting ready for first release of nbdime. Needs work on docs, but should ship this week.
Carol W
  • Min, Ping me on what needs to be done and I can write it up on the plane today
  • nbformat ready to ship with json mime updates, noticed a snag with attachments: jupyter/nbformat#68
News items for JupyterHub projects
  • Beta - jupyterhub: JupyterHub beta released v0.7.0b1. Beta going well. Install beta: pip install --upgrade --pre jupyterhub
  • New spawner - kubespawner: kubespawner is available for spawning notebooks with Kubernetes.
Ian R GeoHackWeek at University of Washington (Ian)
  • Led a short tutorial on the use of Jupyter notebooks for the participants, by the end of the week lots of people using them.
Grant N Grant Nestor :emoji_1f648:  (in class)
  • Improved support for JSON and JSON-like mime types in notebook and nbformat
  • This week
  • Toggle between outputs of different mime type (if more than 1 exist for an output area)
  • Thanks Grant!
Michael P nbconvert
• continued progress on planning the epub (and improving other) exporters jupyter/nbconvert#467
  • • need ways to build directories of files and autoextract resources so that they can be found by various exporters 
  • • probably (like in other exporters) need to do more work to respect attachments
  • • took care of some of the image linking
• need to reconsider how we handle header ids in both nbconvert and in the notebook (in order for internal hyperlinks to render correctly) e.g., jupyter/nbconvert#471 
• moved us away from using the ipython_genutils for temporary directory
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Notes organised by topic: do we like this? Do we want to keep doing it?
Carol W
  • Yes! Could we have a basic template/outline for this. Thanks Thomas. A summary top section of release activity only would be hugely helpful for the documentation contractor.
Damián A
  • Yep, totally... I agree with Carol about a template so people don't get confused, but the topic-thing is really much better IMHO
  • Good idea about the release summary. I'm not quite sure what would be in a template, though - each chunk is just a topic name with bullet points of anything interesting going on in that project.
Michael P
  • I think the idea might be to just have a set of topic names that can be then filled out as needed
  • This is great. Thanks Thomas Kluyver for this can whip up a template that we can use
391 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Min RK , Carol Willing , Grant Nestor 391 days ago
Min R
  • Tuesday October 25, 2016: no meeting
No meeting this week due to DSE Summit and other travel, but feel free to put updates below.
Carol W Carol Willing
  • Grace Hopper was a great success. Some highlights:
  • Wed: Spent time with Hilary Mason and Reese at the FF Labs event. Met she++ organizers. Spent time with Capital One data science folks.
  • Friday: Jamie, Reese, and I ran Open Source Day workshop despite spotty internet due to DDOS. Huge thanks to Reese and Jamie for their awesome help and mentoring.
  • Prepping for Talk Python to Me interview next week
  • Working on JupyterHub issues, docs, and spawner stuff with Min and Yuvi. Also looking at Spark and needs.
  • Working on some mime-based renderers for both notebook and jupyterlab,
  • JSON tree renderer
  • Plotly?
  • Business as usual, triaging notebook and ipywidgets issues
418 days ago
  • New approach: put a minus (-) next to your name if you would NOT like to audibly share progress during the meeting. The moderator will start at the top of the Hackpad and call out those without a minus next to their name. 
  • Would like us to discuss this technical topic all together during this meeting
Matthias B
  •  let's spawn a different meeting for that, unless there is time.
Peter P
  • Count me in.
  • Where to track custom mimetypes:
  • Proposal to send all payload to output in our frontends (jupyterlab, notebook)
  • IPython kernel has a flag that does this (let's also change the default)
  • nteract already doing this
Min R Min RK
  • Testing JupyterHub 0.7 services, auth API, getting ready for release
  • We've never had *good* support for lists on the CLI, though you could cram them into list literals, e.g. `--Class.list_trait="['x', 'y']"`. This paves the way for proper list aliases, etc., but it will be hard to do without breaking the old, clunky way.
Dan A Dan Allan -
  • in conflicting meeting, just leaving some notes
  • jupyter/jupyterlab-extension-cookiecutter is usable -- feedback welcome
  • JupyterLab extension for integrating JupyterHub links in progress
  • Proposal to enable connecting to external kernel from notebook server (akin to `ipython console --existing`) jupyter/notebook#1786
  • Testing and documentation on JupyterHub 0.7, configurable-http-proxy, and spawners
  • Working on docs for upgrading JupyterHub
  • New Sphinx alpha 1.5 - will work with Mike to review the changes in this release
Matthias B
  • Does this theme have documentation version selector ?
  • Follow up question from PyData Carolinas: folks were interested in using Dashboards (jupyter/enhancement proposals#20). Are we planning to graduate this from the incubator?
Gino B
  • Will be in class and unable to attend meeting
  • notebook: Working on PRs related to issues triaged from past weeks
  • ipywidgets: Triaging all issues with no milestone
  • Got a conflicting meeting... will miss
  • Highlights are the new `explore` function to visualize and query any DataFrame
  • Posted the blog post about ipywidget security release. 
  • Had seminar at UC Merced. Some researher seem interested at switching to Jupyter & Python. Education was the selling point, as the effective cost to switch from matlab is still high. 
  • Migrated custom tools to backport PR to GhPro. Matplotlib is looking at having a similar workflow.
  • Blasting JupyterLab design issues in preparation for Strata talk tomorrow
  • Nice way of organizing issues for a short sprint like activity
  • Wrote dask labextension
Matthias B
  • I'm curious of having someone how woudl someone  who never touched JupyterLab achieve that . Sorry Computer Freeziing hard to type. Hapyt o see it took you 1h, that's great.
Brian G
  • Yeah, that will be a great test to do once we get the cookie cutters written. 
Peter P
  • I think i volunteered indirectly to be the lab rat for this experiment last Friday. Once there's a bit more than the vanilla cookiecutter, I'd like to sit down and try to add something as simple as a ... button? menu item? ... and see how far I get. I probably could use what's there, but I'm sure I'd start struggling as soon as I wanted to do more than console.log.
  • New conda-forge packages of nbexamples, jupyter_cms (tnx Dan and Eric)
  • Some PRs against nb_conda and nb_conda_kernels
  • General support / PR merges in docker-stacks, kernel_gateway
  • Not feelling well, listening in
  • JupyterLab sprint - documentation and cookie cutter around third party extensions
  • Added workflow for attaching a console to to text editor and running code
  • Added a new workflow for creating a new file:
  • Fixed a bug where console clear wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug with console foreign cell styling
  • Working on using activity monitor to throttle Markdown rendering
Michael P Michael Pacer :speak_no_evil:
  • nice! 
Michael P
  • also "<colon> speak no evil< colon>"  :see_no_evil: 
Matthias B
  • "See" or "say"
Michael P  - Following up on last week 
  •  - researching CJK and foreign language support via different routes
  •  - small issues with docs, going to be working on the custom exporter docs
  •  - Matthias asked me to look into dynamically defined templates (for easier customization)
  •  - Should address CJK; custom script exporters will need a different solution
Matthias B Back to MinRK 
  • demo-driven-development for strata demo.
  • jupyter-server work
454 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ana Ruvalcaba , JamieW , Grant Nestor 454 days ago
Min R
  • Tuesday, August 23, 2016
  • Heading down to San Luis Obispo today to learn more about documentation workflows & mechanics with Carol 
  • Presented at PyBay last weekend in SF - shared nbdime, nbflow, dashboards, jupyterlab & more. Majority (if not all of audience) were Jupyter users. Some good questions about: 
  • how to migrate from MatLab to Jupyter 
  • how to easily add new kernels
  • how to share notebooks privately (as opposed to through nbviewer)
  • Working on Jupyter TM
  • I will be away at Burning Man 8/24 - 9/6. If any other Jupyter peeps will be there, send me an email, it would be great to meet!

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