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Samuel Penrose

366 days ago
Matthias B
  • Friday, November 18th
Sam Penrose from Mozilla is joining. Trying to see what's the best way to contribute and get a large overview of the Project. 
Sam is working with an intern that wrote a tool to slurp a wide range of notebook and do analysis. See how to improve notebooks ins a data-driven manner.
Matthias B
  •  Have you seen the IBM's fulltext notebook indexing ?
Samuel P
  • Thanks, I'll seek it out
Matthias B Matthias : 
   Bad internet connection will stay audio only and muted (loud environment)
  • Continuing to address JupyterLab Beta issues
Matthias B
  • Did you contated IBM for RTL languages ?
  • No, I will ping them on the issue, thank you
  • This week I worked on introducing an early version of state saving in JupyterLab for plugins that need to persist page refreshing. Some of it is in master already, some more of it is still being developed.
Matthias B Not yet full state restore, but at least retain the current component. Support only Notebook, Editor and Console.
Going to what could go wrong for now.
Minimum experience of refreshing is much better.
Matthias B
  •  Good ! 
  • I agree that both Server and LocalStorage both make sens in various cases.
  • Working with Cameron on SVG based icons
  • Development and design becomes much easier
  • Displays at different sizes without problem or artifacts
  • Design for beta/1.0
  • Studying some design resources to help figure out how we are going to make sure our beta/1.0 is solid from the interaction/visual design perspective
  • Going to take a good amount of time to refine these things
  • Initial step: we should all commit to work exclusively in JupyterLab for 1 day a week
Matthias B
  • The counter argument is that you will get used to things and don't see some issues. (Devil advocate).
Matthias B
  •  I think that having some of what is there curated and sent to the mailing list would be great to push users into getting involved if some of the fixed issues where blocking for them.
Samuel P Sam Penrose
  • Can anyone suggestion public notebook collections which exemplify notebook use for distributed data processing?
Samuel P
  • awesome, thanks. I'm specifically looking for large repos of working notebooks (vs curated carefully-crafted tutorials). I want to understand how thousands of coders use the notebook as IDE 
Matthias B
  • We can try to put you in contact with GitHub see if they can do some internal query of their notebooks. We can also give you access to Google Analytics on Nbviewer, don't know if that would be helpful to find notebooks.
Samuel P
  • Very kind! We are scraping public gists now, but they will have much greater access obviously
Matthias B
  • We'll likely have to see with Fernando what we can do. Who to contact.
Matthias B
  •  One thing which would be nice (in hosted environement) is to get version of notebook that are in-progress and full on mistakes.
  • recording commands: Need to differentiate the emitter of the command (shortcut vs menu vs something else)
  • need to put you in contact with Nathaniel Smith for data collection. He recently had health issue and is coming back but is highly interested.
  • I can put you in contact with Kyle Kelley at Netflix who has a number of spark/scala users IIRC.
  • Friday, November 4
355 days ago
Matthias B
  • Tuesday November 29, 2016
  • Thomas (Travelling with poor internet connection)
Project management ()
Notebook ()
  • Closing in on 4.3 release
Carol W JupyterLab (Darian)
Afshin D
  • There's a large, open PR on state management and application restoration on page refreshes that should be finished within a day or so. If you want to follow along, there's an overview of the restoration lifecycle in the PR description: jupyterlab/jupyterlab#1291
  • Release JupyterLab 0.11 within the next day.
  • Working through beta issues: 407 closed so far, 29 are open.
Fernando P
  • Demos at Gateways 2016, NYU, PlotCon and multiple other venues (fperez, jason). Very well received, lots of interest for potential collaborations. Special thanks to Matt Rocklin & Luke Canavan for great Dask demo.
Peter P
Min R JupyterHub (Min)
Carol W
  • Release JupyterHub 0.7 later this week
Min R nbdime (Min)
Carol W
  • Release 0.1 later this week
  • Completing doc work and screenshots for release
Min R qtconsole 
  • 4.3 release imminent
Jason G IPywidgets (Sylvain Corlay, Jason Grout)
  • Ongoing work for a 6.0 release. Two betas released, including a styling overhaul and fixing many small bugs. We're concentrating particularly on easing the transition from the 5.x releases.
Sylvain C
  • Ongoing work on the embedding of widgets with formal json spec for widget state + sphinx extension. (Widget state can be fully generated from python backend now, which will enable pure-python sphinx extensions)
Jason G
  • There will be some small backwards-incompatible changes with 5.x. For example, in the javascript, the way to specify widget defaults is slightly changed, but the changes are fairly straightforward. We also have ongoing discussion about some possible changes to the Layout widget's display functionality (see ipython/ipywidgets#919, for example).
Matthias B
  • Sylavin, Fernando can you write down the keypoints of your discussion questions ?
Jason G
  • I wrote a few things above.
Matthias B GitHub Automation (Matthias)
  • Waiting on a discussion with GitHub with some beta API changes, cleaning up the code.
  • Thinking of cross-organisation permissions for a bot, how that could work and be used/(abused?)
  • Nothing really new since last week. ( no link yet, my private key still hardcoded in the private repo)
 Added the Mastering IPython 4.0 book on IPython.org (Matthias)
  • Well, it is now on the website, I took care of responding to Packt.
Pycon Talk Proposal (Matthias, with Min and Michael Bright)
  • In Progress, with submit the Tutorial proposal today. 
  • A bit late on writing the Talk proposal.
  • If I don't get feedback/discussion i'll move forward on my own. 
Michael P nbconvert (Mike)
 • progress on header id filtering
  •  • trying to figure out what exactly pandoc is doing, haskell is…fun
  •  • need to use regex (not re) in python to get access to unicode character property classes
  •  • trying to find good comparable js library, XRegExp seems like a good candidate, known issues?
Samuel P Quantitative analysis of notebooks: proof of concept (Sam Penrose)
  • work by Connor Ameres (unable to attend call) and Sam from Mozilla
  • {spenrose, cameres}@mozilla.com
  • cell-wise and notebook-wise feature extraction from iPython notebooks -> Dataframe
  • Able to cluster Mozilla's notebooks into is / not used for distributed data processing
  • Mozilla goal:
  • Understand notebooks as distributed data processing IDE
  • Requests:
  • Point us at notebook collections (working / messy, not presentation / tutorial)
  • Download and run on your own
  • Add feature extractors: typically 1-5 line Python functions
  • PRs welcomed
  • How can we make this a useful resource for the community?
  • Ideas for a shared place to collect analyses? gist.github.com or ?
Matthias B
  •  Can we (try to) turn the hackpad to a more compact summary of this week, and send it to the mailing list that will help people not on the call to catch up faster.  Thinking on Brian, Thomas... 
  • We need to Pay attention of writing the keypoints of what is _said_ and not written should be written down. 

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