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Farica Carroll

248 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Farica Carroll , Ian Rose 248 days ago
    - Hub model: Server side document? What to do if the users are all in different docker containers?
Farica C  * Collaboration chat room
    - Channels similar to Slack on right side panel with a link to invite
    - Chat rooms not based on file open, but rather who is invited
    - Commenting on individual code cells? 
 * Sharing documents
    - Button on top right navigation menu of individual document
    - Shows total number of collaboraters on button
    - Click on button and tab shows contributor names, permissions, and link all consolidated together
  * Multiple users editing one code cell
    - Don't want to lock individual code cells because of possibility of really long code input that multiple people want to work on
    - What if someone is still writing code and another individual runs the code?
    - Consider having command-shift make a request to run the code but that could get annoying to have to run on every cell // It may be better to have the request-to-run-code be indicated visually in some way, but not block other users.
Ian R
  •  This is great! Most of the left-hand-side is a workflow that already exists in the jupyterlab_google_drive plugin. The right-hand-side would all need to be done.
491 days ago
Brian G SciPy 2016 Sprints
  • Participants
Tomas O Tomas O - JupyterLab, IPython
Marius N Marius van Niekerk - JupyterLab, Apache Toree (Jupyter Kernel) 
Georgiana O Georgiana Ogrean, Thomas Robitaille - FITS file viewer in JupyterLab
Gil F Gil Forsyth - IPython, prompt_toolkit 
Farica C Farica Carroll, Katie White, Matt Bowers, Spoorthy Vemula, Reese Netro, Roshan Prabhakar - Jupyter Website
Ilya S Classic notebook, ipython
Geir H Geir Arne Hjelle - Classic  Notebook / nbdime
Tom L Tom Lynch - whatever I can help with
Min R Min RK: Floating help, ask me about JupyterHub or your own kernels (or anything else, really)
Carol W Carol: New contributor help and git questions (after the Intro to Sprints)
Brian G
  • %nbdoc magic for giving users access to notebook based documentation
  • JupyterLab
  • IPython
  • Ability for JupyterLab to open .vgjson and .vljson files (Vega and Vega-Lite)
  • Classic notebook
Min R
  • Integrating your project with Jupyter
  • JupyterHub

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