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Dan Allan

397 days ago
Peter P Peter Parente
  • Merged contributed PRs against dashboards server for making it relocatable under JHub (tnx to @jhpedemonte and @danielfrg)
  • Added @danielfrg as contributor on dashboards server for Auth0 login, wiki updates, etc.
  • Merged some lingering docker-stacks PRs and groomed the docker-stacks issue list
  • Self-education about JLab (figured out how one panel widget can watch for changes in other notebook widgets, models, contexts, kernels).
Min R Min RK
  • teaching at Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop Thursday/Friday
  • cool!
Min R
  • login tokens on by default on notebook
In class, listening in :emoji_1f64a: 
Business as usual, triaging notebook and ipywidgets issues and working through issues marked for next release
Ian Rose  :emoji_1f64a: 
Ian R
  • Working on shimming realtime cell editing into JupyterLab notebook implementation
  • Beginning to experiment with different UIs for initiating sharing
Afshin D Afshin Darian :speak_no_evil: 
  • Refactored the use of focus tracking (created an instance tracker class) last week
  • Working on tests and outstanding issues this week.
  • Working upstream, Readthedocs, PyTest 
  • PyPI-legacy work in danger as Donald Stufft is changing job
  • Preparing for next week Moore Sloan Data Science summit.
Afshin D Dan Allan  :speak_no_evil: 
Dan A
  • mic malfunctioning today -- cannot speak good or evil!
  • investigating possible comm race condition exposed by %matplotlib notebook -- initial conversation with Matthias, will follow-up as needed
  • finishing up hub lab extension
Michael P Michael Pacer 
• working on hiding output via tags
• what more before nbconvert 5.0? beta?
  • We created the JupyterLab org and `@jupyterlab` npm context for JupyterLab projects
  • That broke lots of things, so we're in the process of updating everything
  • (For Sylvain) - working a lot on separating Jupyter Notebook from the Jupyter Server, and working on the extension mechanism.
  • Working on polishing up widgets so we can get a dev release out that works in both Lab and notebook (in particular, upgrading jqueryui, the accordion widget, etc.)
Nicholas B Nicholas Bollweg :speak_no_evil:  
  • more jupyterlab extension hacking (theming, bundling)
  • mostly Day Job stuff
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Thomas Kluyver  :speak_no_evil:  
  • Preparing to come to the US in 2 weeks!
Dan A
  • Coming near NYC at all?
  • Sorry, no - flying directly to California
Dan A
  • Had to try :- ) Have a good trip!
Matthias B
  • Just jump out once you are over the east coast. 
  • Never go over it. Go over some very cold bits of Canada!
Michael P
  • Canada does have an east coast :)
  • Yes, but I may not even really go over that
Michael P
  • This seems like a variant on the euler bridge problem…
  • Ah! will you be flying over the pole? 
  • Not quite, but because of Great Circles, the route does go a long way north. My first look at the US is usually somewhere around Montana, I think.
  • Also winds - flying back east takes a more southerly route than going out
  • We will be sending out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Technical Writer Contract position (1 year) If anyone knows an awesome tech writer who would be interested in submitting a proposal, please send me their contact info.
  • Grace Hopper starts tonight in Houston. Yee haw
Michael P
  •  Hi Jamie! I hope that Grace Hopper is going well!
  • Tuesday, October 11, 2016
418 days ago
  • New approach: put a minus (-) next to your name if you would NOT like to audibly share progress during the meeting. The moderator will start at the top of the Hackpad and call out those without a minus next to their name. 
  • Would like us to discuss this technical topic all together during this meeting
Matthias B
  •  let's spawn a different meeting for that, unless there is time.
Peter P
  • Count me in.
  • Where to track custom mimetypes:
  • Proposal to send all payload to output in our frontends (jupyterlab, notebook)
  • IPython kernel has a flag that does this (let's also change the default)
  • nteract already doing this
Min R Min RK
  • Testing JupyterHub 0.7 services, auth API, getting ready for release
  • We've never had *good* support for lists on the CLI, though you could cram them into list literals, e.g. `--Class.list_trait="['x', 'y']"`. This paves the way for proper list aliases, etc., but it will be hard to do without breaking the old, clunky way.
Dan A Dan Allan -
  • in conflicting meeting, just leaving some notes
  • jupyter/jupyterlab-extension-cookiecutter is usable -- feedback welcome
  • JupyterLab extension for integrating JupyterHub links in progress
  • Proposal to enable connecting to external kernel from notebook server (akin to `ipython console --existing`) jupyter/notebook#1786
  • Testing and documentation on JupyterHub 0.7, configurable-http-proxy, and spawners
  • Working on docs for upgrading JupyterHub
  • New Sphinx alpha 1.5 - will work with Mike to review the changes in this release
Matthias B
  • Does this theme have documentation version selector ?
  • Follow up question from PyData Carolinas: folks were interested in using Dashboards (jupyter/enhancement proposals#20). Are we planning to graduate this from the incubator?
Gino B
  • Will be in class and unable to attend meeting
  • notebook: Working on PRs related to issues triaged from past weeks
  • ipywidgets: Triaging all issues with no milestone
  • Got a conflicting meeting... will miss
  • Highlights are the new `explore` function to visualize and query any DataFrame
  • Posted the blog post about ipywidget security release. 
  • Had seminar at UC Merced. Some researher seem interested at switching to Jupyter & Python. Education was the selling point, as the effective cost to switch from matlab is still high. 
  • Migrated custom tools to backport PR to GhPro. Matplotlib is looking at having a similar workflow.
  • Blasting JupyterLab design issues in preparation for Strata talk tomorrow
  • Nice way of organizing issues for a short sprint like activity
  • Wrote dask labextension
Matthias B
  • I'm curious of having someone how woudl someone  who never touched JupyterLab achieve that . Sorry Computer Freeziing hard to type. Hapyt o see it took you 1h, that's great.
Brian G
  • Yeah, that will be a great test to do once we get the cookie cutters written. 
Peter P
  • I think i volunteered indirectly to be the lab rat for this experiment last Friday. Once there's a bit more than the vanilla cookiecutter, I'd like to sit down and try to add something as simple as a ... button? menu item? ... and see how far I get. I probably could use what's there, but I'm sure I'd start struggling as soon as I wanted to do more than console.log.
  • New conda-forge packages of nbexamples, jupyter_cms (tnx Dan and Eric)
  • Some PRs against nb_conda and nb_conda_kernels
  • General support / PR merges in docker-stacks, kernel_gateway
  • Not feelling well, listening in
  • JupyterLab sprint - documentation and cookie cutter around third party extensions
  • Added workflow for attaching a console to to text editor and running code
  • Added a new workflow for creating a new file:
  • Fixed a bug where console clear wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug with console foreign cell styling
  • Working on using activity monitor to throttle Markdown rendering
Michael P Michael Pacer :speak_no_evil:
  • nice! 
Michael P
  • also "<colon> speak no evil< colon>"  :see_no_evil: 
Matthias B
  • "See" or "say"
Michael P  - Following up on last week 
  •  - researching CJK and foreign language support via different routes
  •  - small issues with docs, going to be working on the custom exporter docs
  •  - Matthias asked me to look into dynamically defined templates (for easier customization)
  •  - Should address CJK; custom script exporters will need a different solution
Matthias B Back to MinRK 
  • demo-driven-development for strata demo.
  • jupyter-server work

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