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248 days ago
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  • April 7, 2017
We've moved over to Dropbox Paper. Come join us! 
  • Friday, March 31, 2017
293 days ago
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Tuesday, February 6-28, 2017
328 days ago
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Matthias B
  • Tuesday January 17, 2017
JamieW For this week's notes see our etherpad: 
  • Tuesday January 10, 2017
356 days ago
General meetings Tuesdays at 9:00 am US Pacific (17:00 UTC during US winter)
JamieW General Announcements:
---> No meeting next week due to the holiday. See you in 2017!  <-----
Matthias B Reminder to try to make full sentences with all the informations you want to give, otherwise it is a daunting task to try to make a written summary on the mailing list. If writing the summary take more than 30min I won't send it. (Matthias)
Project management (Jamie)
  • Brian has submitted materials to a trademark lawyer to pursue initial US based word and logo mark registration.
Matthias B
  • is it ok for this to be public ?
Brian G
  • I think in this context it is fine
  • Brian is working with Fernando on creating a process for writing Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) articles for our different repos.
Min R
  •  yay!
Matthias B
  • Brian submitted a PeerJ journal for SymPy and liked the process. 
  • Dev Meeting Follow-up - break out group
  • Finding a tool to help manage the work
  • GitHub
  • Creating a Project Management folder on GitHub
  • Aha!
  • Nice UI with useful tools for tracking sub-projects
  • Problematic in that Aha! needs to be the system of record for all inputs (ie things go into Aha before they go into GitHub) - pretty much a deal-breaker, moving on. 
  • Tech writer recruiting - today is the last day to submit leads
  • Scheduling important events
  • JupyterLab - “Silent” alpha in January, Beta in mid- to late-February. 1.0 in June/July 2017
  • Conferences
  • Team events - tutorials
  • Maintaining a solid overview of the project and its partners
  • Data Carpentry - Scheduled for Jan 9-11 @ BIDS
  • Island Avatar project - Overview of Jupyter for Island Avatar Software Dev. in January
  • Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology - Some folks in January
  • Fiona Box with Aaron Culich
Outreach (Jamie)
  • PyLadies event last week at Bloomberg. Great event overall. Some lessons learned
Carol W
  • Thanks for raising this issue and clarifying for users.
Grant N
  • Grant: I will try to cut a 4.3.1 release by EOD tomorrow
Min R
  • Make a better announcement/blog post.                                                                      
Grant N
  • Investigating the cause
JupyterLab (Darian- :speak_no_evil: )
  • The JupyterLab team is estimating a beta release of JupyterLab for mid/late February
Brian G
  • We are starting to do a big triage pass to better understand what needs to be done for the beta
  • Grant Nestor has created a very nice cookiecutter for custom MIME rendering:
  • JupyterLab output
  • JupyterLab file viewers
  • Classic notebook (requires notebook 4.3)
Grant N
  • :emoji_1f64c: 
IPywidgets (Jason :speak_no_evil: )
JupyterHub (Min)
  • Working on compatibility fixes for DockerSpawner and 0.7
Carol W
  • Working on updating and testing jupyterhub-deploy-teaching
  • Updating travis to cover Python 3.6
  • Review and fix jupyterhub doc build failure
  • Summary for Matthias: The JupyterHub team is working on compatibility fixes for DockerSpawner and 0.7. We're updating and testing ansible scripts for jupyterhub-deploy-teaching. With the recent release of Python 3.6, we will be updating Travis configurations.
Matthias B
  • Thanks you are awesome !
Min R  nbdime (Min)
 - We made the first release of nbdime: 0.1.
Matthias B  - Lots of low hanging fruits ! Contributions welcome.
  • congrats ! What only 6 of your 8 clones are working ? 
nbviewer (Min)
 - Moved nbviewer to regular server off of carina, due to recent issues.
Carol W
  • Thanks. Seems better on new server.
Matthias B
  • Where is it now ? I missed that.
Michael P • also, widgets! :)
nbconvert (Mike)
• released 4.3 & 5.0 
• broke in memory templates and Thomas Kluyver made a quick fix (waiting on merge)
  • should have a 5.0.1 or 5.1 after that
• spent time trying to figure out why docs were breaking (there were at least 3 reasons) 
Matthias B GitHub Automation (Matthias) :speak_no_evil: 
  • I would appreciate not to have to talk, not feeling well. 
  • Taking shape, nothing worth to report. 
  • (Auto) Backport currently working.
  • Trying to work around some limitation of GitHub (beta) API waiting fixes on GitHub side.
  • Discussed things that automation could do yesterday. Need to write that up.
Michael P
  • Backports to branches
  • friendly autopep8 running into some problems with permissions
  • automatically writing issues 
Brian G Design (Brian)
  • Students making another pass on the brand guidelines to address feedback at the team meeting
  • Cameron, Farica and Charnpreet are working on a Jupyter Sphinx theme based based on the Alabaster theme. We looked at the RTD theme, but it is a nightmare to customize
  • In JupyterLab master we have moved to using SVG based icons
376 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by JamieW 376 days ago
  • Annual Sloan report
  • Data Carpentry Reproducible Research Curriculum Hackathon planning
434 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ana Ruvalcaba , JamieW 434 days ago
Thomas K
  • The train from SF does not have wifi - this is quite relaxing if you're expecting it. Most of you probably have mobile data anyway.
Ana R
  • Thanks for the tip, Thomas Kluyver - seems like there are more options from Oakland OKJ. I see that there is Amtrak bus service from Oakland OKJ to San Luis Obispo SLO which does have WiFi which will get you here in 5 hours. The direct train ride (no transfer required) from OKJ does not have WiFi and also does not allow for checked baggage. Taking the train here is really a novelty, not super practical.
  • If you take the Amtrak bus from OAK/SF, there's a final stop right on campus. It was a 5-hour trip from OAK-SLO for me in August on a Tuesday. The round trip train booking requires one of those legs on the bus- it was super low-stress
419 days ago
Peter P Peter Parente
  • Merged contributed PRs against dashboards server for making it relocatable under JHub (tnx to @jhpedemonte and @danielfrg)
  • Added @danielfrg as contributor on dashboards server for Auth0 login, wiki updates, etc.
  • Merged some lingering docker-stacks PRs and groomed the docker-stacks issue list
  • Self-education about JLab (figured out how one panel widget can watch for changes in other notebook widgets, models, contexts, kernels).
Min R Min RK
  • teaching at Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop Thursday/Friday
  • cool!
Min R
  • login tokens on by default on notebook
In class, listening in :emoji_1f64a: 
Business as usual, triaging notebook and ipywidgets issues and working through issues marked for next release
Ian Rose  :emoji_1f64a: 
Ian R
  • Working on shimming realtime cell editing into JupyterLab notebook implementation
  • Beginning to experiment with different UIs for initiating sharing
Afshin D Afshin Darian :speak_no_evil: 
  • Refactored the use of focus tracking (created an instance tracker class) last week
  • Working on tests and outstanding issues this week.
  • Working upstream, Readthedocs, PyTest 
  • PyPI-legacy work in danger as Donald Stufft is changing job
  • Preparing for next week Moore Sloan Data Science summit.
Afshin D Dan Allan  :speak_no_evil: 
Dan A
  • mic malfunctioning today -- cannot speak good or evil!
  • investigating possible comm race condition exposed by %matplotlib notebook -- initial conversation with Matthias, will follow-up as needed
  • finishing up hub lab extension
Michael P Michael Pacer 
• working on hiding output via tags
• what more before nbconvert 5.0? beta?
  • We created the JupyterLab org and `@jupyterlab` npm context for JupyterLab projects
  • That broke lots of things, so we're in the process of updating everything
  • (For Sylvain) - working a lot on separating Jupyter Notebook from the Jupyter Server, and working on the extension mechanism.
  • Working on polishing up widgets so we can get a dev release out that works in both Lab and notebook (in particular, upgrading jqueryui, the accordion widget, etc.)
Nicholas B Nicholas Bollweg :speak_no_evil:  
  • more jupyterlab extension hacking (theming, bundling)
  • mostly Day Job stuff
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Thomas Kluyver  :speak_no_evil:  
  • Preparing to come to the US in 2 weeks!
Dan A
  • Coming near NYC at all?
  • Sorry, no - flying directly to California
Dan A
  • Had to try :- ) Have a good trip!
Matthias B
  • Just jump out once you are over the east coast. 
  • Never go over it. Go over some very cold bits of Canada!
Michael P
  • Canada does have an east coast :)
  • Yes, but I may not even really go over that
Michael P
  • This seems like a variant on the euler bridge problem…
  • Ah! will you be flying over the pole? 
  • Not quite, but because of Great Circles, the route does go a long way north. My first look at the US is usually somewhere around Montana, I think.
  • Also winds - flying back east takes a more southerly route than going out
  • We will be sending out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Technical Writer Contract position (1 year) If anyone knows an awesome tech writer who would be interested in submitting a proposal, please send me their contact info.
  • Grace Hopper starts tonight in Houston. Yee haw
Michael P
  •  Hi Jamie! I hope that Grace Hopper is going well!
  • Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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