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Ian Rose

240 days ago
Brian G
  • Friday, March 24, 2017
  • New Cal Poly interns
  • Two grad students in CS
  • Two junior physics majors+CS minors
  • Two graphic design majors
  • Charnpreet, Elliot, Farica doing other things for the summer
  • Finished The Big Split
  • Working on the conflict resolution for extensions
  • Updating Observables to remove payload and drop the Vector class
  • Cell tools restoration required some thought, but should be intuitive now.
  • Currently working on more completer edge cases
  • A few beta bug fixes
  • Lots of testing of post-big-split codebase + workflow
  • Added universal context menus
  • Released Phosphor 1.0 packages
  • Shifting to work on the datagrid
Brian G
  • I have a few thought on this...we can discuss here...
  • Working on an asynchronous model database for realtime sync that is able to gracefully connect to a server backend without interruption.
  • Cal Poly folks: meeting next week on UI story?
  • Friday, March 17, 2017
248 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Farica Carroll , Ian Rose 248 days ago
    - Hub model: Server side document? What to do if the users are all in different docker containers?
Farica C  * Collaboration chat room
    - Channels similar to Slack on right side panel with a link to invite
    - Chat rooms not based on file open, but rather who is invited
    - Commenting on individual code cells? 
 * Sharing documents
    - Button on top right navigation menu of individual document
    - Shows total number of collaboraters on button
    - Click on button and tab shows contributor names, permissions, and link all consolidated together
  * Multiple users editing one code cell
    - Don't want to lock individual code cells because of possibility of really long code input that multiple people want to work on
    - What if someone is still writing code and another individual runs the code?
    - Consider having command-shift make a request to run the code but that could get annoying to have to run on every cell // It may be better to have the request-to-run-code be indicated visually in some way, but not block other users.
Ian R
  •  This is great! Most of the left-hand-side is a workflow that already exists in the jupyterlab_google_drive plugin. The right-hand-side would all need to be done.
348 days ago
Grant N
  • I saw this! Excellent :emoji_1f64c: 
Damián A
  • And they offer RISE in the default experience :wink:
Thomas K Apologies:
  • Thomas, Min, Afshin, Sylvain (JupyterDay Paris)
Project management (Jamie)
  • Annual Sloan report submitted- thanks everyone for your contributions. For the next round, we'll start even earlier in the process by providing a report template for folks to add to along the way. 
  • New weekly meeting note contenders
  • Google Docs
  • Sage Math Cloud
Grant N
  •  We are meeting soon to discuss and put together a tutorial/presentation for the rest of the team
  • Who is 'We'? = )
Notebook (Grant, Matthias, Thomas)
JupyterLab (Steve)
  • Released 0.11.2 with state refresh handling (reloading the page brings back most open widgets along with activating the widget that was active).
Steven S
Ian R
  • This was a tremendous amount of work, thanks Steve!
Steven S
  • Otherwise working on cleanup, test coverage, and beta issues
  • no significant update on pan-kernel testing, though have pushed up some docker stuff  (nick)
IPywidgets (Jason)
  • Continued progress on releasing 6, overhauling some widgets, tracking down remaining issues. Several new betas released, and new one coming 
Pycon Talk Proposal (Mike)
  • Continued editing and fleshing out the general argument
nbconvert (Mike)
  • How "good" does the epub exporter need to be before we release it?
• Do we want to wait until all notebook breaking changes are included in master before releasing 5.0?
Thomas K
  •  5.0 release?
Michael P
  • It depends on how we feel about the epub exporter, if we're ok with it having the broken links that the pdfs currently have in epubs than we can release it
 • Per Sylvain Corlay's jupyter/nbconvert#481 request for widget views and states as mimetypes supported by the html export, PR addressing the request: jupyter/nbconvert#482
  •  • what are the goals for supporting this mimetype more generally, should this PR be delayed from until there are test cases? 
  •  • would be good to have an idea about how people are thinking of this for other formats
Grant N mimerender-cookiecutter (Grant)
  • Generate a single Python package with both an nbextension and labextension
  • Easily create output renderers for specific mime types and file renderers for specific file extensions (lab only)
  • Examples: 
362 days ago
Carol W
  • Huge +1, Thomas
Matthias B
  • laptop crazy slow with bluejeans, takes hours to click
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Project management
  • Opening for tech writer. RFP up shortly
  • Processing stuff from dev meeting
Notebook (thomas speaking)
  • 'View' and 'edit' buttons postponed to a later release while we put some security around viewing HTML files
Michael P • need to improve our header id assignments currently they're  (possibly should wait for 5.0 since it will break some existing notebooks) (see nbconvert as well) jupyter/notebook#1899 
  •  I think most of the pandoc approach makes sense,  but lower casing would break too much
Michael P
  • I mostly agree I just wanted to hear other people's opinions as well. Sadly, no one else responded. 
  • It's probably too much detail to get into in a general meeting. Drop a link to the issue just above so people who're interested can look into it in more detail?
  • Mike, is the link I've added the best one for people to look at?
Michael P
  • put in a different one for the notebook specifically. 
Ian R
  • Open PR for editing notebooks without a live kernel in JupyterLab (jupyterlab/jupyterlab#1277), trying to match the behavior of the classic notebook app.
Nbformat (Min Speaking)
  • Considering alternative ways to store signatures, making signature db pluggable jupyter/nbformat#61
  • json mime-handling ready for release of nbformat 4.2 (can wait for above signatures work or not): jupyter/nbformat#67
Peter P
qtconsole: 4.3 release imminent
  • [nick] more fumbling steps with docker stuff
Matthias B GitHub Automation (Matthias Speaking)
  • That could also be used to give more users ability to tag/close/assign without giving them commit rights, or do these actions by mail
Michael P
  • • had some progress on automatically extracting dependencies to a specific library and spitting out a nice GFM checkbox list including linking import statements to their github source 
Matthias B  Added the Mastering IPython 4.0 book on IPython.org (Matthias)
  • MinRK and Matthias, did a concurrent PRs with the same content :-)  Still working on the Book Policy to know what we accept or not. 
Pycon Talk Proposal (Mike going to speak for a change)
Carol W
  • Great. Happy to review before you submit. Also, it would be great to see a tutorial submission. 
  • We didn't think the Py3 stuff would work as a tutorial, but if the project wants to do something else as a tutorial, that would be great
Matthias B
  • Sorry Mike, you were the one with the most note and a much better speaker than I am.
Michael P
  • Disagree about better speaker. Am fine having spoke :). 
  • +1 on this being a bad topic for a tutorial
  • +1 on a tutorial being a great idea
Min RK
  • Getting ready to release JupyterHub 0.7. a little feedback from beta, will probably release soon.
  • Getting ready for first release of nbdime. Needs work on docs, but should ship this week.
Carol W
  • Min, Ping me on what needs to be done and I can write it up on the plane today
  • nbformat ready to ship with json mime updates, noticed a snag with attachments: jupyter/nbformat#68
News items for JupyterHub projects
  • Beta - jupyterhub: JupyterHub beta released v0.7.0b1. Beta going well. Install beta: pip install --upgrade --pre jupyterhub
  • New spawner - kubespawner: kubespawner is available for spawning notebooks with Kubernetes.
Ian R GeoHackWeek at University of Washington (Ian)
  • Led a short tutorial on the use of Jupyter notebooks for the participants, by the end of the week lots of people using them.
Grant N Grant Nestor :emoji_1f648:  (in class)
  • Improved support for JSON and JSON-like mime types in notebook and nbformat
  • This week
  • Toggle between outputs of different mime type (if more than 1 exist for an output area)
  • Thanks Grant!
Michael P nbconvert
• continued progress on planning the epub (and improving other) exporters jupyter/nbconvert#467
  • • need ways to build directories of files and autoextract resources so that they can be found by various exporters 
  • • probably (like in other exporters) need to do more work to respect attachments
  • • took care of some of the image linking
• need to reconsider how we handle header ids in both nbconvert and in the notebook (in order for internal hyperlinks to render correctly) e.g., jupyter/nbconvert#471 
• moved us away from using the ipython_genutils for temporary directory
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Notes organised by topic: do we like this? Do we want to keep doing it?
Carol W
  • Yes! Could we have a basic template/outline for this. Thanks Thomas. A summary top section of release activity only would be hugely helpful for the documentation contractor.
Damián A
  • Yep, totally... I agree with Carol about a template so people don't get confused, but the topic-thing is really much better IMHO
  • Good idea about the release summary. I'm not quite sure what would be in a template, though - each chunk is just a topic name with bullet points of anything interesting going on in that project.
Michael P
  • I think the idea might be to just have a set of topic names that can be then filled out as needed
  • This is great. Thanks Thomas Kluyver for this can whip up a template that we can use
383 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ian Rose 383 days ago
Michael P
  • This could also work with people who want to fly in/out of SFO/OAK.
Ian R
  • I will be driving back to the Bay Area after the meeting if anybody wants a ride.
397 days ago
Peter P Peter Parente
  • Merged contributed PRs against dashboards server for making it relocatable under JHub (tnx to @jhpedemonte and @danielfrg)
  • Added @danielfrg as contributor on dashboards server for Auth0 login, wiki updates, etc.
  • Merged some lingering docker-stacks PRs and groomed the docker-stacks issue list
  • Self-education about JLab (figured out how one panel widget can watch for changes in other notebook widgets, models, contexts, kernels).
Min R Min RK
  • teaching at Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop Thursday/Friday
  • cool!
Min R
  • login tokens on by default on notebook
In class, listening in :emoji_1f64a: 
Business as usual, triaging notebook and ipywidgets issues and working through issues marked for next release
Ian Rose  :emoji_1f64a: 
Ian R
  • Working on shimming realtime cell editing into JupyterLab notebook implementation
  • Beginning to experiment with different UIs for initiating sharing
Afshin D Afshin Darian :speak_no_evil: 
  • Refactored the use of focus tracking (created an instance tracker class) last week
  • Working on tests and outstanding issues this week.
  • Working upstream, Readthedocs, PyTest 
  • PyPI-legacy work in danger as Donald Stufft is changing job
  • Preparing for next week Moore Sloan Data Science summit.
Afshin D Dan Allan  :speak_no_evil: 
Dan A
  • mic malfunctioning today -- cannot speak good or evil!
  • investigating possible comm race condition exposed by %matplotlib notebook -- initial conversation with Matthias, will follow-up as needed
  • finishing up hub lab extension
Michael P Michael Pacer 
• working on hiding output via tags
• what more before nbconvert 5.0? beta?
  • We created the JupyterLab org and `@jupyterlab` npm context for JupyterLab projects
  • That broke lots of things, so we're in the process of updating everything
  • (For Sylvain) - working a lot on separating Jupyter Notebook from the Jupyter Server, and working on the extension mechanism.
  • Working on polishing up widgets so we can get a dev release out that works in both Lab and notebook (in particular, upgrading jqueryui, the accordion widget, etc.)
Nicholas B Nicholas Bollweg :speak_no_evil:  
  • more jupyterlab extension hacking (theming, bundling)
  • mostly Day Job stuff
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Thomas Kluyver  :speak_no_evil:  
  • Preparing to come to the US in 2 weeks!
Dan A
  • Coming near NYC at all?
  • Sorry, no - flying directly to California
Dan A
  • Had to try :- ) Have a good trip!
Matthias B
  • Just jump out once you are over the east coast. 
  • Never go over it. Go over some very cold bits of Canada!
Michael P
  • Canada does have an east coast :)
  • Yes, but I may not even really go over that
Michael P
  • This seems like a variant on the euler bridge problem…
  • Ah! will you be flying over the pole? 
  • Not quite, but because of Great Circles, the route does go a long way north. My first look at the US is usually somewhere around Montana, I think.
  • Also winds - flying back east takes a more southerly route than going out
  • We will be sending out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Technical Writer Contract position (1 year) If anyone knows an awesome tech writer who would be interested in submitting a proposal, please send me their contact info.
  • Grace Hopper starts tonight in Houston. Yee haw
Michael P
  •  Hi Jamie! I hope that Grace Hopper is going well!
  • Tuesday, October 11, 2016
425 days ago
  • September 2016
Min R
  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016
JamieW Video: 
General Announcements: 
  • Remember to put a plus (+) next to your name if you would like to share progress during the meeting The moderator will start at the top of the Hackpad and call out those with a plus next to their name. 
  • Dropped 3rd party extension video link here & will post to mailing list
  • Thomas Kluyver- check with B & F about paper writing- possible collaboration here to current activities.
  • JupyterHub discussion with Harvard, Berkeley Research IT, and Berkeley Labs tomorrow at BIDS
Matthias B
  • did you try the new github "Projects" to organize things ?
  • At Jupyter Lab dev sprint in NYC this week
  • Back from PyData Carolinas - great interest in JupyterHub and JLab
Peter P
  • It was good to see you, Carol. Sorry I had to jet out quickly at the end without a goodbye!  Great to see you too!
  • Welcome back!
Carol W
  • Reviewing JupyterHub API and docs with Min
  • Triaging JHub, CHP, Spawners
  • Support Steve/Jason re: docs on extension builder
  • Conflict today, just leaving a few notes
  • Submitted juptyer_cms and jupyter_kernel_gateway to conda-forge
Gino B
  • Pete, can you send me pointers to how to do this so I can replicate for declwidgets?
• discussion point: how to handle custom script exporting (global vs. notebook) cc: Matthias Bussonnier & Thomas Kluyver
Michael P • refactoring import statements and internal structure to avoid circular dependencies & naming conflicts (trying to maintain API as best as possible while)
Michael P • Upstream Python 3 stuff with Matthias (we have a working mod to warehouse! no response from them yet)
• handling CJK (and other foreign languages?) for pdf export different approaches? (cc Grant)
  • - are there any working projects on foreign language support
• optional two step process for pandoc conversion for nicer processing for rst math
potential symbols for not having something to say: ◊, …,
  • Obviously: :emoji_1f64a:  - 'SPEAK-NO-EVIL MONKEY' (U+1F64A)
  • that's my favorite so far
Carol W
  • winner!!
Matthias B Matthias Bussonnier (Nothing much to say, all cf Mike)
! question: Did NYC crowd try the new github "Projects" to organize things ?
Dan A We briefly discussed but didn't get too far into it. Jamie mentioned that cross-repo projects are coming but not yet supported.
  • we will look at Projects later in the week. It's true that cross-repo projects are not yet supported
Matthias B
  • Still upstream stull for Python 3 only things. 
  • Merging PR slowly and Catching up with stuff.
  • Crazy Travis-CI bugs.
Michael P
  •  +1 — especially LaTeX bugs related to CJK
  • Working with JupyterLab dev sprint in New York
  • Triage issues for JupyterLab
  • Got ipywidgets and bqplot (very minimally) working in JupyterLab using the new 3rd party extension mechanism: 
Fernando P Fernando Perez
  • JupyterCon and dev meeting planning
  • Travel - DOE workshop on scientific software in Denver, colloquium at CU Boulder.
  • Working on a refactor of jupyter-js-services to be more maintainable and better enable testing code that use the services.
  • cat vs component reorganization for issue labeling in JupyterLab repo.
  • component is the location of of the issue - you can point to a file / directory
  • cat - is a category of kind of work (may be across components)
  • jupyter/jupyterlab#911 a work-in-progress of work to be done from @annabu - UI designer  friend interested in making first open source contribution
  • The Jupyter overview paper is back in play
Paul I
  • show me the repo!
  • Will add you... done
Carol W
  • Cool. Thomas, what is our support, if any, of Shiny? Q from PyData Carolinas.
Carol W
  •  That's what I suspected. Thanks.
Damián A Damian Avila -
  • Dealing with some nbextensions issues in the usability side, but mostly occupied by CIO stuff last week
Dan A Dan Allan -
  • At Jupyter sprint in NYC Monday and Thursday
  • PR mirroring inputs/outputs from foreign sessions in the console works, now doing cleanup.

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