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Ana Ruvalcaba

369 days ago
Matthias B
  • Tuesday November  15, 2016
JamieW Video: 
  • Welcome back everyone! It was great spending last week with you all
  • This week I'll be working on
  • Annual grant report
  • Project meeting follow-up including closing out/finishing any outstanding work
  • Scheduling follow-on discussions for PM efforts (subway map, tools, etc)
  • Posted in the Jupyter Paper repo issue: libraries.io is a cool service funded by Sloan Foundation. You can see project stats, including the number of projects that depend on your project. https://libraries.io/pypi/jupyterhub
  • Will try to test Carina Kubernetes beta with JupyterHub later this week
Min R Min RK
  • Released JupyterHub 0.7 beta
  • Wrote tests for the CSV widget
  • Added fixes for the new Phosphor 0.7 update
Nicholas B Nick Bollweg :see_no_evil:  
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential lossless but viewable container, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
Ana R
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential lossless but viewablecontainer, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential lossless but viewablcontainer, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential lossless but viecontainer, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential lossless container, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
  • Played with nbconvert --to rdfa as potential losslesscontainer, building on embedding ipynb in html/pdf output
• small updates to tag filtering based on feedback
• progress on epub exporter
• multistage pandoc conversion to be able to resolve links & other structured anomalies
380 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ana Ruvalcaba 380 days ago
Parking on campus can be no big deal or a total pain depending on what's going on that day. In the hopes it won't be too bad we will be providing a Jupyter group pin code (see details below) that you can use at the electronic parking kiosks on campus. These passes will allow you to park in sponsored guest, staff, and general parking spots. Note these will be daily permits. Parking is enforced on campus from early morning to 10pm at night so be sure to avoid the tickets which are handed out liberally! 
Ana R How do I park on campus?
To secure parking go to any pay station machine on campus (except Poly Canyon Village). 
Step 1 Press any button to “wake” the pay station. Find Map here: I recommend parking at either 130 or 36
Step 2 Select Sponsored Guest
Step 3 Enter Coupon Code: 69510
Step 4 Select OK
Step 5 Wait for validation and coupon will print. Place in a visible location in the dash of your vehicle. 
Sponsored Guest Permits are not valid in Meters or Limited Time Zones. Permits are not for use by Cal Poly Faculty, Staff or Students. Use this only as needed, this will result in a direct bill of  $4 to Jupyter and will be complimentary to you.
Should I get rent a car? 
381 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ana Ruvalcaba 381 days ago
Ana R Onsite Logistics: Fall 2016 Team Meeting
WiFi: Connect to the CalPolyGuest wireless network.  Once connected, click on "need an account?" and fill out the form. You will be sent access credentials to the CalPolyGuest wireless network. These are valid for 5 days.
411 days ago
1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free) - meeting ID 62209360681
General Announcements:
May join by phone @ San Diego Supercomputer Center today for an OpenMP workshop
No need to speak - this section captures it all
  • Working on upgrade docs for JupyterHub 0.7
  • will look at Jupyter Deployment for Teaching re: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for Brian Granger during this process
  • will also look at nbgrader
  • Preparing for Grace Hopper
Grant N Grant Nestor :emoji_1f64a: 
  • In class, will listen in but unable to speak
  • ipywidgets
  • Triaged issues
  • Migrated docs back to original Read The Docs theme
  • Will be working on widget support in docs, fixing widget styling issues, and switching from jQuery UI to HTML5
  • notebook
  • Working on PRs related to triaged issues
Peter P Peter Parente   :emoji_1f64a: (no need to talk, summary here)
  • Slides in github.com/jupyter-resources/talks
  • Whirlwind demo of notebook, jupyterlab, ipywidgets, etc.
  • iRODS also presented; much interest in iRODS + Jupyter for working on shared data
  • Couple convos about nbformat, sudospawner
Min R Min RK
  • working on stuff for JupyterHub 0.7 (testing/updating deploy examples, working with Carol on docs)
  • Will start releasing surrounding stuff (oauth, dockerspawner, sudospawner) this week.
  • did some deployment-related work (tmpnb now using letsencrypt everywhere)
  • will figure out what to do next, suggestions welcome
  • more jupyterlab extension hacking... theming is fun!
  • talking some docs with Matthias
Grant N Dan Allan  :emoji_1f64a:
Dan A
  • working on UI cleanup on JLab draggable output areas
  • working on JupyterLab extension for JuptyerHub
  • Pushing nbconvert with
Damián A Damian Avila :speak_no_evil:
  •  Answering support question on nbextensions and related things
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Thomas Kluyver :speak_no_evil:  
  • Rather rough, but ready for tires to be kicked
  • The Jupyter overview paper now has a complete draft. Now to revise it!
  • Working on outstanding issues in JupyterLab this week, including cleaning up inspector interaction
  • Fixed a subtle console history issue (still an outstanding PR)
• Finally figured out how to get rtd to build the core repo appropriately for nbconvert (kudos to Carol & Matthias)
 • looked into an arxiv exporter  :speak_no_evil: 
 • (this morning) heard back from warehouse so we can begin moving forward
Paul I
  •  what's warehouse?
  • We (primarily Mike & Matthias) have been trying to improve the architecture so that we can release Python 3 only versions, and pip on Python 2 will continue to find an older version.
Michael P  • going to be reworking the architecture page in the docs (including an up-to-date diagram)                      
Eric D
  •  Feel free to ping me if you need or want help with conda/conda-build/conda-environments. email is eric.dill@maxpoint.com or ericdill oh github 
Michael P
  • awesome! thank you!
Dan A
Michael P
  • So I conveyed the issue somewhat poorly, apologies. We want to use the conda environment.yml to do two things. One is be our rtd build keystone. Two is be our way for developers who want to build the docs locally to do so with as few steps as possible. Something like `../.` was working locally as a way of getting whatever is currently installed to be relative to the location of the file. (see [this commit](https://github.com/jupyter/nbconvert/commit/f03ed5c1bfcfc2c27e7ecf864e880f682792fd85) but rtd choked on that. 
  • Right now, the solution is to have readthedocs build it editably as an explicitly invoked command, and similarly we ask developers to do this explicitly (`pip install -e ../.`) after they've built and moved into the environment.
  • Dan I'm not sure how the file addressing works inside rtd containers. As Carol Said they can be tricky
  • Dates: Monday Nov 7, 2016 to Friday November 11, 2016
  • Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Venue: California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
  • Schedule: 9am - 6pm daily
  • Agenda: To be announced
432 days ago
Peter P
  • Jason asked for help with the jupyterlab conda forge package. "Re-smithy" it!
Kyle K Kyle Kelley +
  • nbformat - raw application/json extended to application/.*+json
  • jupyter/jupyterlab#814 uses the third party extension build and adds a `jupyter labextension` command similar to `jupyter nbextension`
September 2016
  • Triaging notebook issues last week and this week
  • Will be in class and unable to attend meeting
Min R Min RK +
  • Released jupyter_core 4.2, traitlets 4.3
  • Merged services for JupyterHub, need to focus on testing, documentation a bit before release.
  • Created a new repository for creating/loading third party JupyterLab extensions
  • Merged console UI refactor and toolbar promotion to top level class
  • Python 3.6 beta 1 is out ! We should make sure to test some critical parts like traitlets to make sure we test (at least on Travis) and make sure there are no regressions, things not possible anymore. 
  • Slowly coming back online, working on some upstream-python stuff.
  • Wrist hurts because of crutches, need to take breaks in coding sessions so still slow.
  • Back from travels in recent weeks, getting back into stuff
  • Last bit of travelling was with robotic sailing team, now World Champions in the <1.5m class :-)
  • Before that, Euroscipy in Germany
Matthias B
  • beautiful pictures !
  • Portugal in September is very pleasant. Who would have thought? ;-)
Matthias B
  • Not hard to have a better weather than [U]K...
Michael P Michael Pacer
• Pulling together nbconvert for the purposes of release
• trying to see how much of our 3rd party extension infrastructure can be made easier using entrypoints
• working w/ matthias on fixing the upstream warehouse code
• trying to figure out where doc work needs to happen
  • Initial implementation of 3rd party extensions for JupyterLab
  • Initial widgets 3rd party extension working!
Peter P
  • Is there a link to the PR / branch of the new lab widgets extension just so I can have a look at how it is done?
Eric Dill +
  • Can help with conda packaging of jupyter components
  • Ping @ericdill on github for any help with packaging
Kyle K Kyle Kelley + 
  • Custom JSON mimetypes as raw JSON in nbformat:
  • Title and author(s) in nbformat
446 days ago
August 2016
1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free) - meeting ID 6220936068
Ana R
  • JupyterDay HI - October 15, plans to announce via blog post next week Ria Baldevia
  • DevMeeting venue research, will have more to announce next week
  • Newsletter to publish this week
Min RK +
  • Back from EuroSciPy
  • I want to be conservative with traitlets releases, since it's the underpinning of everything.
Sylvain C
  • Nice. It is a good bugfix release
Documentation Resources 
Link to PyCon posters on Building Documentation: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/58j31yokefdp8tm/AACNCmKZQxuhUnvBRW2TnCM7a?dl=0
Documentation tracking site: http://www.iheartjupyterdocs.org/
  • Refreshed JupyterHub docs
  • Meeting with Michael Milligan and some of his team at Minnesota Supercomputer Institute on Friday for them to share how they are using JupyterHub
  • Still working on a couple of issues left to release declarativewidgets 0.7.0
  • Putting together my piece of the Pydata Carolinas tutorial
  • Busy on other unrelated work
  • Not feeling well, may just listen in
Carol W
  • Feel better soon. The future depends on you ;-)
Sylvain C
  • was thinking the same thing. What is the "Cold factor" of jupyterlab?
  • It looks like a combination of a WebPack plugin and a RequireJS plugin will get us where we need to go.
• Continuing to move forward on getting nbconvert to 5.0
• Worked with Matthias on getting pypi-legacy and warehouse to play nicely with the new python-requires info
  • Triaging outstanding issues
  • Fixed broken examples (all of them had regressions and runtime errors)
  • Starting process of moving to phosphor data structures and some console tests
 - ANN: Release of 0.0.5 of jupyter-incubator/traittypes. Working on rtd documentation. Migrated bqplot over to it.
 - work on nbextensions. PR coming to notebook master
   see issue jupyter/notebook#1706
 - discussions with Opendreamkit folks at sage days Paris. Mostly about conda. jdemeyer is working on moving sage's interact over to ipywidgets.
  - some work on downstream widget libraries.
  - introduce Abel Allison who started an epic rework of pythreejs' javascript.
Damián A Damian Avila
  • We have ipywidgets available from defaults channels at repo.continuum.io
Damián A
  • Looking into Jlab third-party extension discussion
  • Answering several reported issues with some popular nbextensions
  • Tech writer
  • Community guidelines/Code of Conduct
  • JupyterCon
  • Postdoc opening for HPC workflows with Jupyter @ LBL, October
Matthias B
  • Yeah ! (I think I might know SO) 
Peter P
  • conda/conda#3294 has the info about per-environment condarcs (thank Eric Dill for finding it)
Matthias B
  • Also apologies if I interrupted you but it was hard to follow because of the jumping around. 
  • Tech writer SOW, CoC, JupyterCon, Nov dev meeting
  • CSS/Less refactoring in JupyterLab
  • Final have a clean design
  • Will probably break Jason's and Chris's excellent proposal for third party extensions :-(
  • Each plugin has an index.less
  • Where to put less files in each plugin?
Min R
  • we need to have a very strong reason to use LESS instead of much bigger standards like PostCSS/Myth, especially if it's an API and not an implementation detail, and I don't think we have one.
Brian G
  • We haven't ruled that out, but we didn't want to delay using CSS variables any longer. Less is an iteration in the right direction
Min R
  • Agreed. We should just make sure we look at it before we get close to a release. The principles of the design shouldn't be substantially different. Starting with LESS to get the ball rolling makes sense.
Brian G
  • Also, I am trying to use very simple aspects of less that would be supported by basically any less preprocessor. The "API" aspects of our CSS are 1) class names (which won't change) and 2) the variable declarations (which will be a few dozen lines). But those things should be stable through major versions of JupyterLab
Matthias B
  • + for PostCss/Myth, it's the standard in JS world now. 
Min R
  • Not at all opposed to starting with LESS, just want to make sure we don't forget to look at moving to standard things once the sketch is worked out.
Brian G
  • Working with CP students
  • There is a request to post a release schedule to the dev meeting notes each week - let's do this!!! (see below).
  • Work on third-party extensions (thanks again to Chris Colbert for an excellent proposal!)
  • general keep-up on jlab issues
  • Merged a tensorflow-notebook image contribution to docker-stacks
  • Submitted PR to fix Jenkins Windows test errors in the new bundler API on notebook master
  • Planning to cut a release of kernel gateway 1.1 with some fixes that have been sitting in master for a bit
447 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ana Ruvalcaba 447 days ago
Ana R Update August 2016
Due to time limitations we need to either have a personal recommend from someone who has hosted an event there or we need to do a site visit prior to signing.
Requirements for space 
TImeline: Meeting Monday Nov 7 - Friday Nov 11, Arriving Nov 6 Depart Nov 12 (Saturday)
  • sleeping rooms for 25
  • large meeting space for 25 (u shape)
  • if we have one or two breakout rooms depending on size of the large room and ability to split into two groups of 6 each
  • access to catering for meals and refreshments
  • TV/Projector, clicker, sound projection if possible
Research the following:
  • Austin: AT&T Conference Center
  • Scottsdale: Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort - 20 minutes from Phoenix Airport, would offer a good deal on our stay which is in the transition phase from Summer to peak season,
  • New York: Convene in Manhattan would have different options since they have 6 spaces, call to ask for basic quote + space (think about large VRBO spaces for hotel) Ask Bloomberg, Co working spaces (we work), Insight Data School has nice space but it depends on whether they're in session, 
Results of calls
Colorado: Outside of Boulder: Chattaqua: Not available on those dates, Spring 2017?
Contact Wanona Tara: 303.952.1611
Notes from May 2016
  • National Center for Atomospheric Research - NCAR - Foothills

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