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Paul Ivanov

394 days ago
  • Friday, October 21
  • Working on 0.9 milestone issues and refactoring and tests.
  • Codemirror widgets now render as static content when you are not actively editing, greatly improving performance of the app: jupyterlab/jupyterlab#1123
Jason G Jason Grout
  • Widgets work to move forward on a dev release that works in the notebook and Lab
  • Reviewing and working on various issues.
Matthias B Dan Allan
  • Cleanup
  • Bug with focus on the console (blue bar in tab)
  • Refactoring of the new launcher widget. 
  • Test for the new notebook tracker. 
  • Console tests. Beyond just history
  • Need for an observable string under the hood. 
411 days ago
1 888 240 2560 (US Toll Free) - meeting ID 62209360681
General Announcements:
May join by phone @ San Diego Supercomputer Center today for an OpenMP workshop
No need to speak - this section captures it all
  • Working on upgrade docs for JupyterHub 0.7
  • will look at Jupyter Deployment for Teaching re: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for Brian Granger during this process
  • will also look at nbgrader
  • Preparing for Grace Hopper
Grant N Grant Nestor :emoji_1f64a: 
  • In class, will listen in but unable to speak
  • ipywidgets
  • Triaged issues
  • Migrated docs back to original Read The Docs theme
  • Will be working on widget support in docs, fixing widget styling issues, and switching from jQuery UI to HTML5
  • notebook
  • Working on PRs related to triaged issues
Peter P Peter Parente   :emoji_1f64a: (no need to talk, summary here)
  • Slides in github.com/jupyter-resources/talks
  • Whirlwind demo of notebook, jupyterlab, ipywidgets, etc.
  • iRODS also presented; much interest in iRODS + Jupyter for working on shared data
  • Couple convos about nbformat, sudospawner
Min R Min RK
  • working on stuff for JupyterHub 0.7 (testing/updating deploy examples, working with Carol on docs)
  • Will start releasing surrounding stuff (oauth, dockerspawner, sudospawner) this week.
  • did some deployment-related work (tmpnb now using letsencrypt everywhere)
  • will figure out what to do next, suggestions welcome
  • more jupyterlab extension hacking... theming is fun!
  • talking some docs with Matthias
Grant N Dan Allan  :emoji_1f64a:
Dan A
  • working on UI cleanup on JLab draggable output areas
  • working on JupyterLab extension for JuptyerHub
  • Pushing nbconvert with
Damián A Damian Avila :speak_no_evil:
  •  Answering support question on nbextensions and related things
thomas@kluyver.me.uk Thomas Kluyver :speak_no_evil:  
  • Rather rough, but ready for tires to be kicked
  • The Jupyter overview paper now has a complete draft. Now to revise it!
  • Working on outstanding issues in JupyterLab this week, including cleaning up inspector interaction
  • Fixed a subtle console history issue (still an outstanding PR)
• Finally figured out how to get rtd to build the core repo appropriately for nbconvert (kudos to Carol & Matthias)
 • looked into an arxiv exporter  :speak_no_evil: 
 • (this morning) heard back from warehouse so we can begin moving forward
Paul I
  •  what's warehouse?
  • We (primarily Mike & Matthias) have been trying to improve the architecture so that we can release Python 3 only versions, and pip on Python 2 will continue to find an older version.
Michael P  • going to be reworking the architecture page in the docs (including an up-to-date diagram)                      
Eric D
  •  Feel free to ping me if you need or want help with conda/conda-build/conda-environments. email is eric.dill@maxpoint.com or ericdill oh github 
Michael P
  • awesome! thank you!
Dan A
Michael P
  • So I conveyed the issue somewhat poorly, apologies. We want to use the conda environment.yml to do two things. One is be our rtd build keystone. Two is be our way for developers who want to build the docs locally to do so with as few steps as possible. Something like `../.` was working locally as a way of getting whatever is currently installed to be relative to the location of the file. (see [this commit](https://github.com/jupyter/nbconvert/commit/f03ed5c1bfcfc2c27e7ecf864e880f682792fd85) but rtd choked on that. 
  • Right now, the solution is to have readthedocs build it editably as an explicitly invoked command, and similarly we ask developers to do this explicitly (`pip install -e ../.`) after they've built and moved into the environment.
  • Dan I'm not sure how the file addressing works inside rtd containers. As Carol Said they can be tricky
  • Dates: Monday Nov 7, 2016 to Friday November 11, 2016
  • Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Venue: California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
  • Schedule: 9am - 6pm daily
  • Agenda: To be announced
387 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by JamieW , Kyle Kelley , Paul Ivanov , Carol Willing , Peter Parente 387 days ago
Kyle K Jupyter Fall Dev/Project Meeting Draft Agenda
... so that Hackpad stops losing the pad.
Kyle K
  • Documentation Efforts
Pushing towards a seamless information architecture across projects that assist their audiences and make them productive and happy.
Narrative Style Guides
Kyle Tutorials about how to build Jupyter related projects - deep dive into the beautiful messaging and formats available in Jupyter.
Kyle K Some available in https://github.com/nteract/docs, should generally have this in Jupyter if people like it.
Design and Architecture Guides
Starting to be done in nteract for UI/UX: nteract/nteract#1065
Kyle Some of this is encapsulated in https://github.com/nteract/docs
Paul I
  • Project maintenance 
closing old issues
  • use separate repo for feature requests? or some other mechanism (not GH issues)
release coordination
  • document people who are responsible for releases
  • what are the calendar dates for goals of releases?
activity levels (state of the project)
Carol W
  • This would be incredibly helpful for docs and resource allocation
Paul I
  • combination of 
  • issues
  • new opened / month
  • closed / month
  • total open
  • PRs 
  • new opened / month
  • closed / month
  • total open
  • contributors
  • newcomers / month
  • total contributors / month
Carol W Paul Ivanov FYI. I created www.iheartjupyterdocs.org early this year to easily track doc activity. I also have used github3.py and notebooks to pull up some of the other data. It would be really cool to use a method similar to a metrics grimoire elasticsearch, renamed to http://grimoirelab.github.io,  approach.
Kyle K
  • Data Driven Project
We've got a variety of data sources within our project that we should be able to use for informing the project itself:
  • Google Analytics on the Jupyter site
  • Google Analytics on the nteract site
  • try jupyter / tmpnb.org / nature.tmpnb.org
  • nbviewer google analytics
  • nbviewer logs
  • notebooks on github
  • usability studies
Paul I
  • npmjs.com statistics 
Kyle K I'd love for us to be able to work with this data to help inform direction, operations, etc.
  • System Operations
Resources we have running in production including try jupyter, nbviewer. Current status:
  • Min does most operations today
  • Carol handles messaging and communication on status page, github issues
  • Kyle has only been able to be slightly involved (heavy amount of slight)
We should figure out what level of involvement we want with these.
  • Code of Conduct
We've talked about this one before, we need to discuss it again.
Kyle K
  • Opinion: we either need to pick one, adopt it, and iterate or admit that we won't be adopting one in Jupyter
  • Project Culture
Carol W
  • Value and respect for project functions beyond code
  • Adopt a project-wide code of conduct
  • Respect the talents that individuals on the project and outside contributors bring to the project
  • Foster greater collaboration through better sharing of information, project direction, strategy, and goals
Paul I
  • Explicitly document how decisions are made
  • What happens when we disagree about direction?
Kyle K
  • Encouraging Collaborators
Discuss ideas, approaches, and past work to encourage new collaborators and retain existing ones.
  • Jupyter and Spark (and cluster computing in general)
Peter P
  • marius and i will talk monday about the progress bar use case specifically, will come with something in hand (api suggestion / design / whatever)
418 days ago
  • New approach: put a minus (-) next to your name if you would NOT like to audibly share progress during the meeting. The moderator will start at the top of the Hackpad and call out those without a minus next to their name. 
  • Would like us to discuss this technical topic all together during this meeting
Matthias B
  •  let's spawn a different meeting for that, unless there is time.
Peter P
  • Count me in.
  • Where to track custom mimetypes:
  • Proposal to send all payload to output in our frontends (jupyterlab, notebook)
  • IPython kernel has a flag that does this (let's also change the default)
  • nteract already doing this
Min R Min RK
  • Testing JupyterHub 0.7 services, auth API, getting ready for release
  • We've never had *good* support for lists on the CLI, though you could cram them into list literals, e.g. `--Class.list_trait="['x', 'y']"`. This paves the way for proper list aliases, etc., but it will be hard to do without breaking the old, clunky way.
Dan A Dan Allan -
  • in conflicting meeting, just leaving some notes
  • jupyter/jupyterlab-extension-cookiecutter is usable -- feedback welcome
  • JupyterLab extension for integrating JupyterHub links in progress
  • Proposal to enable connecting to external kernel from notebook server (akin to `ipython console --existing`) jupyter/notebook#1786
  • Testing and documentation on JupyterHub 0.7, configurable-http-proxy, and spawners
  • Working on docs for upgrading JupyterHub
  • New Sphinx alpha 1.5 - will work with Mike to review the changes in this release
Matthias B
  • Does this theme have documentation version selector ?
  • Follow up question from PyData Carolinas: folks were interested in using Dashboards (jupyter/enhancement proposals#20). Are we planning to graduate this from the incubator?
Gino B
  • Will be in class and unable to attend meeting
  • notebook: Working on PRs related to issues triaged from past weeks
  • ipywidgets: Triaging all issues with no milestone
  • Got a conflicting meeting... will miss
  • Highlights are the new `explore` function to visualize and query any DataFrame
  • Posted the blog post about ipywidget security release. 
  • Had seminar at UC Merced. Some researher seem interested at switching to Jupyter & Python. Education was the selling point, as the effective cost to switch from matlab is still high. 
  • Migrated custom tools to backport PR to GhPro. Matplotlib is looking at having a similar workflow.
  • Blasting JupyterLab design issues in preparation for Strata talk tomorrow
  • Nice way of organizing issues for a short sprint like activity
  • Wrote dask labextension
Matthias B
  • I'm curious of having someone how woudl someone  who never touched JupyterLab achieve that . Sorry Computer Freeziing hard to type. Hapyt o see it took you 1h, that's great.
Brian G
  • Yeah, that will be a great test to do once we get the cookie cutters written. 
Peter P
  • I think i volunteered indirectly to be the lab rat for this experiment last Friday. Once there's a bit more than the vanilla cookiecutter, I'd like to sit down and try to add something as simple as a ... button? menu item? ... and see how far I get. I probably could use what's there, but I'm sure I'd start struggling as soon as I wanted to do more than console.log.
  • New conda-forge packages of nbexamples, jupyter_cms (tnx Dan and Eric)
  • Some PRs against nb_conda and nb_conda_kernels
  • General support / PR merges in docker-stacks, kernel_gateway
  • Not feelling well, listening in
  • JupyterLab sprint - documentation and cookie cutter around third party extensions
  • Added workflow for attaching a console to to text editor and running code
  • Added a new workflow for creating a new file:
  • Fixed a bug where console clear wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug with console foreign cell styling
  • Working on using activity monitor to throttle Markdown rendering
Michael P Michael Pacer :speak_no_evil:
  • nice! 
Michael P
  • also "<colon> speak no evil< colon>"  :see_no_evil: 
Matthias B
  • "See" or "say"
Michael P  - Following up on last week 
  •  - researching CJK and foreign language support via different routes
  •  - small issues with docs, going to be working on the custom exporter docs
  •  - Matthias asked me to look into dynamically defined templates (for easier customization)
  •  - Should address CJK; custom script exporters will need a different solution
Matthias B Back to MinRK 
  • demo-driven-development for strata demo.
  • jupyter-server work

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