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Ana Ruvalcaba

453 days ago
Brian G August 2016
Carol W
  • Eventful dict trait type supporting rollbacks and general `observe` API. Feeback welcome. 
Meeting Id: 8019883485
  • I will be away at Burning Man 8/24 - 9/6. If any other Jupyter peeps will be there, send me an email, it would be great to meet!
  • Requests: If you have a release happening in the next two weeks, please let me and Jamie know ASAP. Please keep me informed about any projects/major refactors related to the documentation. Thanks!
Min R Min RK
  • might be a few minutes late
  • not much, off last week, EuroSciPy tomorrow
  • going through old issues on nbconvert 
  • getting milestones laid out for 5.0 release
  • creeping through the remains of old LaTeX bugs and potential features/customisability
  • look into pandoc applied to entire document
Carol W
  • pandoc does call it intermediate representations
Michael P
  • ↑ to json gives an idea of the json representation of the pandoc intermediate representation, good place to start looking at things
  • Carol Willing I should have asked: can we talk at some point about largerscale aims for nbconvert documentation? Sure. Perhaps tomorrow when Jamie is here, I'm not sure if tomorrow will work (and also I wasn't thinking of it as required for 5.0) but it's a bigger topic that I want to have time to compile some thoughts about because there are many ways that we could approach it that are more or less similar to the current documentation organisation. I only just realised how big/comprehensive of an issue it was yesterday/the past few days.  
Carol W
  • Perhaps let's start by iterating on an ideas document.
Michael P
  • That souds good! preferred format/location? I'm flexible. Prefer anything but Hackpad. :)
  • Contributed jupyter_dashboards feedstock for conda-forge (thanks to help from eric dill)
  • Released jupyter_dashboards 0.6.1 (license patch), and jupyter_cms 0.6.0 (few fixes)
  • Need to look at notebook test failures on Windows that Thomas spotted on jenkins.jupyter.org (whoa, that's a thing?)
  • Working on Third Party Extensions - proving to be even more complicated than we thought: jupyter/jupyterlab#224
  • We are meeting 30 minutes after today's meeting on the same channel to discuss
  • Was on vacation last week, nothing much to report.
  • Will work on tests and triage this week unless something substantial arises.
  • Have less working on the server side as a preprocessor
  • Refactoring all of our less/css 
  • Fixed our rendered HTML
  • Submitting CSS class design document
  • Fixing our marked configuration and CodeMirror themes
Sylvain C
  • is the adoption of less over myth final?
Brian G
  • No, just starting with less for now to prototype
Sylvain C
  • serving some `less` files even if it is compiled statically is a way to expose variables.
Brian G
  • Yes, that is my plan!
Michael P
  • Had you said something about Marked integration? 
  • traitlets PRs 
  • Union behavior w.r.t. default values, metadata and error message
  • General cleanup PRs
  • questions on `set`
  • Eventful dict trait type supporting rollbacks and general `observe` API. Feeback welcome. 
  • ipywidgets bug fixes, ipywidgets improvements of the documentation on custom widgets
  • Proposal of path forward for server and notebook extensions (intentionally not mentioning conf.d here): Copied here
  1. --sys-prefix should be the default instead of systemwide for enabling and installing. People are confused when the nbextension commands require different privileges from the pip installation. Besides, anything different from sys-prefix should be a conscious decision.
  1. uninstalling should disable (in the space where it is uninstalled), so `uninstall --sys-prefix` should `disable --sys-prefix`, `uninstall --user` should `disable --user`etc...
  1. When installing an nbextension, --override should be True by default. Otherwise people don't know that they may have an older version of the js installed.
  1. A major change that I want to put in place is that if nbextension is loaded because it is enabled in e.g. sys-prefix, the assets should only looked for in sys-prefix. If it is loaded because enabled in the user configuration directory, it should only load the assets in the user data directory etc...
  1. At the moment, disabling an extension with --user (i.e. setting it to False in the user nbconfig) will cause the extension to not be enabled even if it is enabled e.g. in sys-prefix because the user configuration has the priority - which is really silly. This problem will go when I fix the previous one.
  • Continuing to help with JupyterLab issues.
  • Working on branding. Trying to consolidate our logos and create one version of the logo for all products.
Ana R
  • DevMeeting Fall Nov 6 - 12, planning has been on hold but we'll begin to focus on it this week
  - may have to cut yet another release of ipywidgets 5.x 

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